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Byte is a mission-first company. This gives us an opportunity to do what other web developers don't often do, and reorders our basic tenet and business needs. It makes us a different kind of company.

We were honored to build the City of Newark, NJ's website when a young, vibrant mayor named Corey Booker first got elected in 2006. In an early discovery meeting, one of the participants, Carl Sharif, asked us how the website could save someone's life. We thought it was a silly question at first, but he really wanted to set the bar for what he thought this website could do. That meeting had, in fact, set the bar for what Byte wanted to achieve as a whole. 

Because of our longstanding client partner relationships, we have the privilege to be less driven by money, and be a true mission-first company. We have strong ethics, transparent practices, and a training program that gives people new in programming their first job while producing production-quality work. Trust and transparency are at the base of our business. 

When we decide to work with a client, we get a sense of the following:

  1. Does the client have a positive social impact?
  2. Will the client give us an opportunity learn and grow?
  3. Will the client pay us enough to stay sustainable?
  4. Will the client allow us to use our expertise to build a better product?

With this we can decide if the relationship would make sense. Generally we need three out of the four questions to be a resounding yes. 

When we produce a website or application, we only consider it successful when one or more of these are met:

  1. It has a positive social impact by itself
  2. It gives our client more capacity or sustainability to do better work
  3. It makes the internet a better place

Leading with our mission helps everyone understand why we do what we do, and helps us all grow to be stronger. That means we'll be around for a long time for upgrades, security updates, future consulting and little changes that make sites stronger.

Because of our mission, working with Byte is a different experience than most web design agencies. We stand behind our work, we push the envelope, we challenge our client's and our own expectations, we have a long view of strategy and brand, and we make work that lasts for years and years.