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Ongoing Support

Standard-setting support from the team that's invested in your site's success

Byte is a relationship-driven digital studio. When we deliver a site, application or interactive, that's not the end of the engagement, it's the beginning, really. We want to learn more about usage, strengths and places that can be improved, and we want to be available for advice, small and large updates alike. We take great pride in ensuring our products fully represent our clients, so we have a deep interest in keeping them looking good and working flawlessly.

The web is a constantly evolving stage, and the way to achieve an organization's goals is to get really involved with content, to try new things and experiment with ideas online. We encourage content evolution by creating a really smart and easy content management system, and we support our clients every step of the way.

We have a fully-integrated support system that makes it easy for us to help with issues and questions, and to provide full support from within the content management. We track our support results in hours, not days, and for any immediate issues, minutes.

Good support isn't just solving issues, it's getting ahead of issues by watching key metrics, load times and bandwidths, and scanning for inconsistencies and other factors that could lead to problems. We host most of the sites we create to make it possible for us to detect and solve an issue before anyone is affected, including lots of issues that are traditionally out of the regular support range for digital studios and web design houses.

Using our own content management system also allows us to create better tools when clients ask, often times at no additional cost. A simple question or support request by a client has shown us how effective certain tools are and what needs to be upgraded, and we'll add the request to our development roadmap and roll out solutions within weeks. Having 100% support means we're fully invested in making the best, easiest to use, most powerful and most foolproof content management possible.

Hosting our own websites and applications allows us to have much stronger security because we fully own the servers and network, and have stronger security perimeters and scanning than any off-the-shelf hosting. We maintain multiple redundancies for live data and data backups, and work with the best server companies to have expert-level server and network support as necessary.

Our support follows our client relationship methodology -- our family of clients is everything to us, and we're steadfast in our commitment to keeping everything running smoothly now and in the future.