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New site completion tool

By: Michael Diedrick on Jun 19, 2012

Screenshot of Byte's new Progress Tracker, demonstrating what still needs content, what's awaiting approval, and what's completedIn the business of being a client, you get the advantage of working with professionals, so all the really hard things are done for you.  Except one: Content.  Even we sometimes forget how hard it is to get the content right.  Any time we forget how hard it is, we always remember when we upgrade our own website.  It's like a powered microphone on a well-lit stage. 

But the biggest, most painful part of this process is simply now knowing how far you are, how much of the content is done and how much has yet to be written.  This last time we updated our site, we created a tool that we're offering to our new clients: a simple progress tracker that shows how close we were from completion, and what had to be done yet.

Progress Tracker is simple: what's left to build, what's left to write, what's left to edit, and what's completed.  Every page in the site is represented on this one map, and every time you update a page and move its stage in life, you get to see the little progress meter go up a little. 

And that is so very satisfying!