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Standing out in the legal document production industry

Requires bold brand and smart messaging


Legal documents are surprisingly difficult to manage, and are surprisingly heavily reliant on paper and archaic formats. The process of discovery requires help from a dedicated group or company. 

Located in the heart of Milwaukee's downtown, Action Digital Document Solutions is a litigation and trial support company that does copies, scanning, conversion, printing and e-discovery for the legal services field. They can provide almost any service having to do with litigation document management, from copying and printing to format conversion (including relics like Cassette Tapes, VHS. and Hi-8). 

Action DDS needed a website that made them stand out, and at the same time helped people know the gamut of what they do, and that there's not a limitation to the gamut. If a law firm or attorney is trying to make a case, Action DDS will dig through data and documentation on basically any format, and help create presentations that have impact. The site needed to highlight the level of professionalism and attention to detail that will win cases. 

Content and Brand Strategy

A website's design speaks louder than words, and an off-the-shelf website tells a visitor a company's level of quality and detail. Action DDS knew that a custom website that helped the services shine would help them stand out.

The strategy and brand messaging also needed to be seen and understood by search engines. We helped find a content division and hierarchy that made sense to people and to search engines. We tried different sitemap themes, but found that a service-based main navigation covered the detail they needed. It also allowed them to have a "long-tail" service list in an "other" category that helps search engines find more specific terms and concepts.

In the end we created a website that was deceivingly simple, showed their attention to detail, all with a smooth, easy to navigate design that showcased their minimal, bold brand. Also, when Action DDS visits, they come bearing delicious cookies!

When we approached Byte Studios to build our website we had no idea where to start. The entire team there was very helpful in guiding us along the correct way to construct a website. From site mapping to visual design to the CMS we were able to work together to get exactly what we wanted from our website design and function.

- Christopher Flynn

Action DDS