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Hunger should not exist in Wisconsin

Feeding Wisconsin is moving to solve the scourge of hunger through advocacy and better communication.


Feeding Wisconsin is the statewide association of the Feeding America food banks that source, warehouse and provide food to over 750 affiliated agencies and 1,500 local food programs throughout the state. Their mission is to enhance the network of member food banks throughout the state to ensure that everyone in Wisconsin has access to the food & benefits they need to live healthy lives.

They assist the food banks in fundraising and bring hunger awareness to the public. Their website is integral to them advocating for systemic change and helping people understand the issues surrounding hunger.

Design Parameters

Once we understood the many functions of Feeding Wisconsin, we knew we wanted to build a beautiful, graphically appealing website that would allow their rich research & data to shine through. One simple example of this would be the interactive Food Bank Finder on the homepage, which gives users information on their nearest food bank by region. Another example is the custom graphics we created to support their facts & figures. These elements, along with the customized design & hand-coded interface, makes up an approachable, educational and easy to navigate website solution.

We also designed what would assuredly be a wordy website have a content and navigation hierarchy that made sense to people and would help people find the content they needed. At the same time, we wanted the pages to be highly readable, so we found the right fonts and colors to stay within brand and still be readable on multiple screen sizes.

Napkin-sized facts

Certain advocacy websites have a story that can be told through statistics and digestible facts. Hunger is something that should not need to exist in Wisconsin, and despite the large number of people who go hungry, they're often in the shadows and not seen by a lot of people. We wanted to use these facts to help outfit people with great nuggets of knowledge that help tell the story of hunger, but in a way that would fit into a coffee coaster or cocktail napkin. That way the story of hunger can be told by a wider audience to more people, and solve hunger in Wisconsin once and for all.