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Healthy, organic and locally-made foods

A natural foods grocery store shows its unique value proposition with a brand-forward website


Since 2005, Good Harvest Market has been supplying Waukesha County with healthy, organic and locally-made foods in a sustainable and service-forward grocery store. They've increased in size and changed focus over the years, and needed a website that can keep the hungry public in the know about all their offerings.

Good Harvest cares deeply about their patrons, and go out of their way to help answer their questions, offer diet-specific products and even host classes & events to educate their shoppers on healthy living.


When we started working with Good Harvest, we knew we needed to create a platform for their voice in their community, one that would let them share their passion for healthy, sustainable living with their customers.

The platform also needed to let Good Harvest experiment and change its message over time, so having a high level of customization in the content management was imperative. Being a grocery store, they also needed a platform for coupons and specials -- usually the most seen pages on a grocery store’s site.

Lastly, all those moving parts needed to work cohesively to express the owners’ original vision of building a community around food.

Design and content

Good Harvest came to us with a logo and a mishmash of brand through a variety of publications, signage, etc. A natural food grocery store needs a solid, deep brand beyond a logo, so we helped find elements, colors and typography that helped show the difference and value of natural foods. We used illustrations for each of the menu systems / headers that the store ended up adopting in-store when they moved to their beautiful new location in Pewaukee.

The site also needed to be content-forward and show the community approach and the special diet offerings that make a store like this special. Prepared foods are of course a big opportunity to grow a store to serve more people, and Good Harvest has been building an amazing Harvest Cafe that's not to be missed. (Believe me you, any time we're near Waukesha, we drive out of our way to visit.)

We have lots of space for campaigns and "circular navigation", good opportunities to show off their latest offerings, sales and specials, and a clear color-based header / menu system and context navigation that helps people know the context of where they are when they're on a page.

Most important, the site is unique and fully branded. Natural foods groceries have a unique value proposition and one that's sometimes hard for new shoppers, so having a site that's friendly and feels like Good Harvest through and through helps people feel like they're at the right place for the right reasons.

Screenshot of Good Harvest Market's home page