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Leading with values

Horizon Home Care & Hospice, Inc. is a leader in caring for patients in the home setting.


Horizon Home Care & Hospice (Horizon) is a dynamic Milwaukee area home care and hospice provider that also manages a grief resource center. They offer a comprehensive scope of services, ranging from complex medical specialties and hospice to transitional home care and personal services. They also have a commitment to attract and retain the very best employees.

The site needed to be fitting of an organization that strives for excellence. We've been working with Horizon for many years, so we have a good sense of how they communicate best, so this iteration of the site just needed to be modern, human and search friendly, and have design details that matched their level of excellence.


A site like Horizon needs to be values-forward, abundantly clear, and show their values. It needs a content hierarchy that helps people find the information they need and that gives search engines a good sense of the content and the context that comes within.

We've created different versions of the site over the years. This version of the website needed to pull in secondary brand elements and make the site come "alive" with patterns and illustrations that spoke to their core values, celebrating the human spirit and compassion. The site needed to be as personal as Horizon is.

Horizon has a well-read blog that covers a lot of subjects, but it features a family caregiving advice column by the executive director Mary Haynor. We needed a home page for the blog to look sharp, but also have different branding and language for blogs that are part of the advice column.