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Helping kids build valuable skills

By playing games and doing fun online activities!


Byte has worked with QSP since 2010 in creating online games and activities for Girl Scouts of America, based on their printed Be A Reader series. Each year the activities get kids involved with fund raising for magazines, while teaching valuable skills like investment, budgeting, time management and ethics.


QSP had a series of activities that were print-based that are distributed through the Girl Scouts, and wanted online versions that would give kids more opportunities to learn skills by planing games and doing activities. Each year works off of different visual themes and content skills. We helped design the game play, the visuals and the mechanics, and turned them into the standard for kids games, Flash.

This 2013 series was titled "Be Your Best You," for which Byte developed seven activities. One of the activities, "Community Garden," gave kids an opportunity to plant a garden while managing a budget for buying seeds. Another activity was "Design Your Future," which gave kids the ability to design what they would like to be when they grow up, by choosing from an assortment of career options. An additional activity, named "Thank You for Your Support," required users to design, print and personalize a thank you card for the individuals in their life who have helped and supported them.

Each of the activities and games followed the overarching theme, but visually they were all pretty different, as is common for kids games and activities. Minding the different age groups of the kids, some of the games were very challenging and fun while others were a lot easier and everyone was a winner.