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Working toward a future without hunger, we help FPWC advocate for ending it.


The FOOD Pantry Serving Waukesha County (FPWC) serves children, the elderly, working but underemployed, individuals with disabilities or health issues, and the temporarily unemployed. FPWC also advocates to increase awareness of hunger through community partnerships.

To help FPWC work toward a future without hunger in Waukesha County, we created a website to help them tell the story of hunger in a place of plenty.

Design Process

Hunger is a societal condition that should not exist. There is clearly more than enough food, the problem is one of distribution and economics. But to the thousands of people in Waukesha County that are hungry right now, the problem is one of basic needs and basic health. One of the best short term solutions to hunger is getting the word out that: 

  1. there's hunger right here
  2. that people can donate and help
  3. that hunger is solvable in the long term

We wanted to tell the story of hunger and its solutions in a memorable, easy to parse, clean way.

FPWC has an established logo that provided the color and the shapes we used on the website, and we took it a step further by having the content areas and menus and buckets themselves as extensions of the brand. We wanted the brand and the mission combined, so that FPWC's mission is immediately recognized when someone sees one of FPWC's vans or a food drive or the site.

Napkin-sized facts

The story of hunger can be told through statistics and digestible facts. We wanted to use these facts to help outfit people with bits of knowledge that help them tell the story of hunger when they talk to friends or coworkers. That way the story of hunger can be told by a wider audience to more people, and more people can solve hunger in Waukesha County once and for all.

The team at Byte worked with us through the process of creating not only a new and beautiful design for the website, but a way of being able to interact with our clients and supporters. Their user-friendly CMS allows the FOOD Pantry to easily update information. And their support didn’t end once we were up and running, they are responsive to questions whether it be a content or technical issue.

- Michael Egly, Community Outreach Coordinator

The Food Pantry of Waukesha County